NZD7500 – 7,500Lb Lift

Unlike traditional boat lifts, our boat lifts do not contain a cross-member beam or platform underneath. Instead, we utilize our innovative, patented cantilever arms which cradles your hull. Unrestricted by a cross member beam, our boat lifts can deliver the lowest water depth capability.

This allows individuals and businesses to design their space for maximize fun while minimizing the need for additional, and usually costly, added dock hardware and systems.

– Industry’s shallowest water depth capability – 1/2″  Water Depth (below draft)
– Industry’s longest travel range –80 Inches
– Raptor Lift’s Stealth Drive Motor
Prop Friendly
Drive through capability
– All Aluminum Structure

Additional Options:
– Multiple canopy options – extended sizes and colors available
– Guide Rails
– Bow Stop

– Lakes – fresh & salt water
– Rivers
– Channels
– Marinas – maximize your real estate space

Also available is the NZD10000

The NZD10000 which has the weight capacity of 10,000 lbs delivering the same ultimate shallow water capability and exclusive benefits